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Hanging Art

At Sawhorse Renovations, we provide comprehensive services for hanging up art, photos, and picture frames. We work with skill and expertise to develop masterful solutions for all your décor, delivering unparalleled results at extremely competitive price points. With us, you can expect every corner of your room to look seamless, stylish, and second to none.

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Personalized Art-Hanging Services

Get What You Need, When You Need It

What sets us apart as a service provider? Ultimately, it’s our commitment to top-quality customer service. When you choose us, we treat you like the valued customer that you are. We listen to your needs, providing a personalized experience with you at the center of our attention.

We offer flexible scheduling, on-time service, and courteous crew members on every service callout. We’re also proud to offer same-day service whenever it’s feasible for us.

We put your needs first. If you have a clear idea of where you want your artwork hung, we’ll be sure to oblige. If, however, you’d like a bit of professional advice, you can count on us to lend our vision to find a suitable position.

Hang Your Photo Frames with Sawhorse Renovations

Ensure a picture-perfect interior with our help. If you’re looking to hang photos in and around your home or business, our services are the ticket for you. We combine time-tested artisanal work processes with rigorous quality control, ensuring that all our work is even, level, and consistent. For us, measure twice, cut once isn’t just a saying. It’s our way of life.

We can help with finding studs as well as anchoring your photos through the drywall. But we can also help with more than that, and we can hang almost anything on any wall. Particularly in cases where you have to drill through brick or mount a hard-to-hang photo frame—such as an antique—entrust the job to our team to see it done right.

Need Help Hanging Heavy Pictures? No Problem!

The last thing you want is broken glass, chipped floors, or cracked walls around your home. Have it done right the first time with our picture hanging services. Our experts work with you to find a safe and secure placement for heavy objects, ensuring that the potential risks are kept to a minimum. What’s more, we utilize high-strength mounts and fasteners, anchoring your pictures securely to the wall. Once we’re done, you can take comfort in the fact that your wall art won’t be going anywhere.

We can also help with:

  • Curtain and blind installation
  • Shelving solutions
  • Wall and ceiling mirrors
  • …and more

We can help you make sure you reach your aesthetic goals for your home or office space. Whatever your style, the experts at Sawhorse Renovations are here to help with all the hanging and mounting you need.

Your Top Choice for Quality Picture Hanging

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Don’t waste time and risk damage to your home by trying to lift and install that heavy piece of art. Start on the right foot by choosing us to do it instead. Timely, dependable, professional—Sawhorse Renovations is your best bet for quality picture hanging.

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